Ustaz Syed Abi Mahfudz originates from the city of Kuala Terengganu, and is 49 years old, having graduated with a Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree from University of Al-Azhar, Egypt. His tertiary education also includes a diploma in Usuluddin from Sultan Zainal Abidin College. In terms of professional academic experience, he has accumulated over 20 years of experience in teaching Arabic Language and Islamic related academic subjects. He is also well versed with the different concepts and techniques related to 21st Century Education Approach, having over 4 years of experience at SRI Al-Amin Keramat (SRIAAK). His teaching experience is complemented by the fact that he also has extensive experience in preparation and validation of Arabic Language exercise and work books. Moreover, he was appointed as the professional interpreter for English to Arabic books, materials and contents for OIC conference in Malaysia. During his time at SRIAAK, he was entrusted to be the Manager of Baitul Huffaz. His years of experience and wisdom, as well as his good management skills in mitigating issues between the school, school's staffs as well as parents and students had made him the longest serving secretary for SRIAAK's PTA Committee. During his time at SRIAAK, he was also the Head Panelist for Arabic Language as well as a Senior Teacher attached to the Diniyyah Department. His passion for teaching is fueled by the fact that he is constantly motivated to teach and see his students develop as well as to be a catalyst for the students to fully embrace Islamic teachings and the necessary academic knowledge for them to excel academically and spiritually. His core belief is for the students to learn to identify with the qualities and personality of Rasulullah, and essentially, to make Rasulullah as their primary idol. For him, himself he aspires to constantly practice one of Rasullullah's virtue which is patience, i.e. sabr', in educating the students and ensuring that the students enjoy the whole learning process.